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Our Prosthetic Lab


We have a state of the art prosthetics lab right here in our Sherman, Texas headquarters. 
We custom design solutions for all levels of upper and lower limb loss, with a specialty in poly trauma. 
Our custom prosthetics are fitted and created on site, right here in our Sherman location, which helps expedite the process.

As our Prosthetist works with you, you'll learn how to prepare your residual limb for a prosthesis. 
This includes limb shaping and will likely require the use of a shrinker or compression sock to control swelling.



One important goal that our Prosthetist helps with during  pre-prosthetic process is to learn how to desensitize your limb and scar tissue to prepare you for your custom prosthetic. 

We will fit you with a temporary prosthtesis and develop a wearing schedule to get used to it.

Finally, we will cast your residual limb for your custom socket.   We make adjustments as needed, and we will coordinate with your physical therapist in order to enhance the best results for your prosthesis.

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