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Making Life On The Farm Possible Through This Cutting-Edge European Innovation

(Randy Watson takes his first step using microkinetic processor technology. Photo and story used with permission)

Taking a bite of cold eggs in the hospital is what changed Randy Watson's perspective about his situation. Any feeling of being disappointed that his eggs were about two hours beyond hot were quickly overcome by an immense appreciation that he was alive and still had the ability to taste those cold eggs. He appreciated being able to see the cold eggs, and he still had the ability to feed himself.

A motorcycle accident on his way to work at the Mansfield Police Department in February 2021 was his last ride on a Harley, when an oncoming vehicle swerved into his lane of traffic. His left leg was completely crushed beyond repair, and was amputated above the knee.

Miraculously, no one else was injured in the wreck. That drive ended up cutting his career plans short, but this plans for how he would spend retirement didn't get off track at all because he got connected with Areli for his prosthetic journey.

Randy is active outdoors and has a small farm. Raising chickens, milking cows and growing a garden requires a lot of physical activity. Those tasks require specialized movements beyond what the basic features of a conventional prosthetic knee joint provides.

It was evident that a standard knee wasn't going to be a good fit for Randy's level of activity and lifestyle.

So, Areli Prosthetic Clinic helped keep Randy actively enjoying his farm life with a cutting-edge adaptive fluidic knee joint developed in Europe.

Utilizing microkinetic processor technology, this knee has all the functionality of a microprocessor-controlled knee, without the need for batteries.

This lightweight type of knee incorporates dynamic physics, which enables active people like Randy the flexibility to easily accomplish tasks like kneeling in the garden and walking up/down stairs, while also providing the stability required to prevent tumbling.

Randy's new microkinetic knee joint doesn't require batteries, so he can keep working outside for as long as he wants.

Additionally, working in harsh weather elements isn't a problem with his new knee because it performs faultlessly in hot weather, the winter cold and even in rain. In fact, if he decides to take a dip in the pool or soak in the tub, he can get right in without any concerns.

The tagline on our Areli logo sums up our mission statement: "MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER."

We literally searched the world to find the right fit for Randy's active life and independence, which is a perfect example of what we mean when we say "Moving Forward Together."

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