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Texas Veterans Commission Recognizes Areli Medical Devices

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Areli Medical Devices, LLC is honored to be recognized as a nominee by the Texas Veterans Commission in the Texoma region for the American Legion Small Employer of the Year Award in the State of Texas. To be nominated for the small employer award, a business must have fewer than 50 employees, nominees must be a private sector business operating for at least 5 years, and at least 10 percent of its workforce must be veterans.

As a locally and veteran owned company, Areli Medical Devices is a durable medical equipment company and Prosthetic Clinic, featuring Grayson County’s most advanced prosthetic lab, creating custom prosthetic devices for amputees.

Many of Areli’s employees are veterans. “We greatly value the unique competencies and skills of our employees who are veterans. Not only do they help us grow as a company, the amazing camaraderie they have helps us achieve our mission of serving veterans far beyond what you’d expect from a small company. By employing veterans,

we are better able to serve veterans. It’s a win-win for everyone” said Natasha Calk, Areli’s Director of Operations.

Areli strives to serve veterans in unique ways. As a VA Community Care provider, Areli is able to quickly accommodate veterans with expedited appointments. To ensure exceptional care for their veteran patients who have limb loss, Areli has a Board-Certified Prosthetist on staff who has over a decade of experience and has served over 6,000 veterans.

Since Areli produces prostheses in-house instead of outsourcing to another location, the additional lag time for shipping prosthetic devices is eliminated, plus in-house stock, resulting in improved quality and reduced wait time for patients.

Outside of the office setting, Areli lives out its mission to serve by maintaining a strong presence in the veteran community, working closely with veteran organizations.

Areli helped organize and sponsor the 2021 Veterans Family Resource Expo, which raised over $4,000 for veteran programs in Texoma.

The award winners for American Legion Small Employer of the Year Award for Texas will be announced in 2022.

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