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As a veteran-owned business, we love serving those who have served our country.  

We offer a veteran discount on cash-pay items.  We strive to support our veteran community in different ways, and we work closely with local veteran organizations and programs to show our support. 

Areli Medical Devices is proud to be an in-network COMMUNITY CARE provider with the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs.  This means that Veterans who receive care from the VA can access our services.  A pre-authorization is required from the VA.  Once we receive a pre-authorization from the VA, either the VA or the veteran can schedule an appointment with us.  

We can usually get an appointment scheduled within 2 business days for prosthetics, orthotics and other custom items. 

We have a wide selection of diabetic shoes, which include custom inserts.  Diabetic shoes help prevent diabetic foot ulcers, which are the leading cause of amputations in people with diabetes. 

If you're a veteran with limb loss, you are in good hands with Areli Prosthetic Clinic. 


Our Prosthetist has specialized experience in polytrauma and complex limb loss situations.  With almost a decade of experience working with veterans through the VA, he has helped over 6,000 amputees during his career.  

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